Welcome to the website of the LGBT+ Dorset Equality Network (LGBT+ and Allies Network)

We are a voluntary-sector community organisation and registered charity (Number: 1171911) run by and for LGBT+ and LGBTQ community members and Allies, nationally as well as in the Bournemouth & Poole and Dorset area. We are Proud to work alongside Rainbow Lottery, from its moment of launch (you can support our work by buying Rainbow Lottery tickets (from 18th April) — the UK’s first lottery dedicated to supporting LGBTQ+ good causes!

Our Vision & Purpose:

Working for a homophobia bi-phobia and transphobia free, inclusive UK, and influencing for improvement of LGBT+ engagement by public service providers & businesses, including on zero tolerance of in the workplace anti-LGBT bullying!

Our Network was created and exists to support our LGBT+ communities, especially LGBT+ sub-population groups often overlooked, poorly supported, especially vulnerable and targeted by more severe forms of prejudice and direct and indirect discrimination of systemic, structured forms.   We do not countenance LGBT+ / Diversity ‘tick boxing’ organisation cultures, and we major on national level quality and relevance education & training provision, and policy guidance at parliamentary select committee level.

We are Proud to have as our principal official UK national partner Just a Ball Game? JBG’s Founder and Lead is Patron of the Network, and JBG’s male Co-Chair is Lead Founder and organisation Lead.

We also have a respected record of influence for change and improvement on LGBT+ performance at national government and parliament, as well as at statutory & public sector organisations, levels. 

We are Proud across the pan-Dorset area to have achieved some major successes in this regard, influencing, for improvement as a very effective catalyst organisation whose work is in some cases even emulated in settings where no substantial/meaningful [from a direct Community perspective] LGBT+ community support had been taking place.

We are a Third Party Hate Crime Reporting Centre.  Please visit our Report & Share page

See our News page to learn about events and initiatives we support or run, and our work in and beyond Dorset, including nationally on counteracting anti-LGBT+ abuse and discrimination

We also exist to support those who seek to celebrate and share the distinctiveness, richness and creativity of our LGBT+ communities, and to assist and where necessary as a charitable organisation that values its independence, be a critical friend of those in the statutory sector (NHS, local authorities, police, etc.) required by law to deliver services that are LGBT+ safe, inclusive and free of actual or perceived anti-LGBT+ prejudice, direct & indirect discrimination.

We believe in private sector – diverse communities (LGBT+, BAME, disabilities, etc.) partnership as core to delivering inclusion and driving change where and if the public sector cannot deliver on its own. Based from Dorset we also work at national level.

We received start up funded the  Allen Lane Foundation the Big Lottery (Awards 4 All) and have been the recipient of two grants from Dorset Police & Crime Commissioner (Safer Dorset Community Fund), are Proud to have received funding from Lush,  and in 2021 from Bourne Free, and from the LGBT Consortium.

We are partnerships orientated organisation (please visit our Support page to see the scale and range), with orientation towards community respected, pro-active independent LGBT+ community organisations and groups that challenge where needed issues of poor performance towards LGBT+ communities, and are not comfortable with ‘tick box’ approaches to evidencing LGBT+ community engagement.