Mission-Vision & Aims

To seek to support all sections of the Dorset Bournemouth & Poole LGB&T communities that encounter homophobic, biphobic, transphobic prejudice, discrimination or hate crime – including social isolation and mental health related costs of discrimination and prejudice — by being an effective representation organisation in counteracting anti-LGBT behaviour wherever it is found.

Our support includes to individual community members on reporting and seeking solutions to anti-LGBT prejudice, and working with the public & private sector to ensure the voice of LGB&T people is properly heard, including in the fields of policy advocacy, and solutions to representation & inclusion needs of LGB&T people in the services they access, and in healthcare, education and employment.

We work with LGB&T allies, and support an inclusive prejudice free society in which there is no place for or tolerance of inequality, prejudice and discrimination of any kind.

We also work in a limited number of specialist areas, due to expertise & outreach our Network has, at national level: campaigning & educational work for full LGBT inclusion in football & all sports, international LGBT human rights [including for UK-international same-sex partnerships/immigration/LGBT asylum seekers & refugees], and NHS related work to enable a fully LGBT-inclusive healthcare service provision environment.