Network Team

The network is made up of Dorset LGB&T community members, LGB&T equality and anti-discrimination activists and educationalists that bring to it a wealth of expertise and focused dedicated passion and enthusiasm to see change and the building of a powerful and effective, respected voice for our community.

The network also comprises members, officers and representatives of all of the main established LGB&T groups, organisations and service providers based or operating in Dorset.  These include but are not limited to:

  • Bourne Free
  • Over The Rainbow
  • Space Youth Project
  • The pan-Dorset Health & Social Care LGB&T Health advisory Group
  • Intercom Trust
  • Silver Moments older LGBT people’s group

Combining expertise of individual volunteer officers and technical advisors with the consortium concept that unites all of the organisations listed above and other LGB&T groups, provides Dorset for the first time with the opportunity to effect change in not only combating prejudice, but educating the broader general public and especially public service organisations and local authorities on topics and issues of pressing importance to the LGB&T communities, including the seldom heard and unrepresented LGB&T sub-population groups.

The Network team is comprised of, but not limited to:

  • Alan Mercel-Sanca
  • Canon John Hyde
  • Jonai Da Silva
  • Sophie Cook
  • Lindsay England
  • Sarah Pattison
  • Louise Clarke
  • Debbie Louise-Cannon

Our network also includes patrons, the first of which is Sophie Cook. Sophie is a national level motivational speaker and educator, AFC Bournemouth’s official photographer and leading member of the Dorset transgender community.

Lindsay England, founder and lead of the national grassroots anti-homophobia and trans-phobia in football and sport campaign orgnaisation, Just a Ball Game? is our other patron.