LGB&T Dorset Equality Network educational videos project at Royal Bournemouth Hospital

Building on our LGB&T Awareness Day at Bournemouth Hospital, on 11th April the Patron and officers and founder members of the  LGB&T Dorset Equality Network took part in filming for the creation of ground-breaking video material.

Sophie Cook at RBH video project shoot with the LGB&T Dorset Equality Network where Sophie is first Patron  RBH video group

This is the first project of its kind in the Dorset area to have been led in partnership with a front-line NHS service providing organisation, by the Dorset Bournemouth & Poole LGB&T community. The purpose being to enable all hospital staff from ancillary to healthcare professionals to have a ‘from the communities’ perspective on experience of LGB&T community members and their partners and friends using and/or visiting a hospital. Our Network’s first Patron, the national Transgender motivational speaker and AFC Bournemouth official photographer, Sophie Cook, led the way for the Trans community related video, with contributions for the parallel same-sex video being provided by Father John Hyde, Jonai Da Silva, and our convenor/chair, Alan Mercel-Sanca.

This breakthrough initiative sets the scene for a new era in engagement of our communities with the NHS through special partnership co-production work, and indicates how important it is to move beyond research that identifies issues, to actually providing solutions.  We would like to thank Sue Mellor and the CEO, Chair as well as HR and communications leads at the hospital for their enthusiastic support for the project.

You can learn more through the link below provided by Sophie Cook:

Sophie Cook on Gender Identity Awareness for the NHS

More news coming soon, including on our newest and second Patron, Lindsay England of Just a Ball Game? National grassroots anti-homophobia and anti-transphobia in football and sport campaign